FUMAGŪ foliar fertilizers


The common base of all FUMAG® foliar fertilizers is magnesium (in hydroxide form) necessary for healthy growth and development of the plant. The hydroxide form allows magnesium to be gradually consumed by the plant what provides an advantage over rapidly soluble and easily washed away magnesium in sulphate form. FUMAG® fertilizers stay on the plant’s leaf area for a long period of time like attached and if used in combination with plant protection products (fungicides, insecticides, e.t.c.), prolong their effect, especially in rainy conditions.

All FUMAG® products have both prevention and curative effect by eliminating both potential and evident lack of magnesium and other elements. FUMAG® fertilizers support faster spring regeneration of the plants along with their regeneration after damages caused by negative environment conditions (drought, freeze, hail, pests, e.t.c.)

One of the highly appreciated properties of FUMAG® products is their high pH level (around 10): not phytotoxic. This feature seriously limits the propagation of fungal disease agents, especially in combination with sulfur in elemental form and copper contained in some of FUMAG® products.

Application and use:
FUMAG® applications are usually being made 2 times per vegetation season in quantity of 4 kg/ha (2x2 kg) just before and during the period of intensive plant growth. The required fertilizer quantity is mixed in 200-800 liters of water (for 1 hectare) depending on the type of tank sprayer and then applied on dry leaves. Higher number of applications and higher concentration of the fertilizers improve health state of plants. Different FUMAG® products can be mixed together.

FUMAG® 6NK-SB 12%MgO + 6%N + 6%K2O + min. 5%S + 0,5%B One year: sunflower, pea, sugarbeet, potato, onion, garlic, cole, cabbage, cauliflower, flowers.
Perennial: Fruit trees, grapevine, olives, current, gooseberry, raspberry.
FUMAG® 6NK-Cu 12%MgO + 6%N + 6%K2O + 1%Cu One year: wheat, barley, potato, sunflower, sugarbeet, pea, padish, cucumber, tomato, red pepper, marrow, other vegetables and flowers.
Perennial: Fruit trees, grapevine, gooseberry, current, raspberry, strawberry.
FUMAG® 6NK-Zn 12%MgO + 6%N + 6%K2O + 10%Zn One year: bean, pea, wheat, sugarbeet, garlic
Perennial: fruit trees, grapevine, gooseberry, current, raspberry.
FUMAG® NK-Mo 12%MgO + 12%N + 6%K2O + 1%Mo + Microelements (Fe, Mn, Cu) One year: cauliflower, lettuce, spinach, cole, cabbage, broccoli, radish, tomato, carrot, cucumber, garlic, onion, parsley, celery, sugarbeet, pea.
Perennial: grapevine, olives, fruit trees.
FUMAG® NK-Ca 12%MgO + 12%N + 6%K2O + 5%CaO + Microelements (Fe, Mn, Cu) One year: spring barley, pea, soya, bean, poppy, onion, asparagus, tomato, cucumber, other vegetables, flowers.
Perennial: grapevine, fruit trees, current, gooseberry, raspberry.

Packing: 10 kg, 20 kg, 50 kg
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