CUPRISTIM CS foliar fertilizer


CUPRISTIM CS foliar fertilizer is intended to eliminate both potential and evident lack of copper and at the same time to provide carbon and sulfur nutrition.





Chemical composition:

Copper as (Cu) 125 g / 1 l
Carbon as (C) 100 g / 1 l
Sulphur as (S) 70 g / 1 l
pH 8,0 - 10,0

Scope and way of application:

CUPRISTIM CS is foliar fertilizer with curative and stimulating effect, with optional removal of latent as well as apparent copper deficit, with concurrent sulphur and carbon supply.

CUPRISTIM CS can be applied on all kinds of grown annual and perennial crops with the limit of 400 g of Cu/ha max. during the vegetation period.

Annual crops:
Wheat, barley, oat, rye, sunflower, potato, sugarbeet, rape, hop, cucumber, tomato, pepper and other fruit and root vegetables, flower – rose.

Apple tree, pear tree, peach tree, apricot, olive tree and other fruit trees, grapevine, gooseberry, currant, raspberry, strawberry and forest nurseries. Fertilizer application proves best immediately before and during the period of intensive growth of the crops. The fertilizer can be applied together with nitrogen liquid fertilizers, for example, DAM 390, urea solution. Can be combined with the majority of plant protection products, upon consulting their manufacturers.


1.5 - 2 L/ha. The dose can be diluted with water from 150 L to 1000 L based on the sprinkler type.

Recommended concentration:

0.1 % to 1 % based on the condition and sensitivity of plants. Repeated application is recommended in plants demanding for copper supply after 14 – 21 days.

Winter wheat:
1st application in autumn (1 L/ha). 2nd application in spring, in the terminal offshoot phase until the beginning of the booting phase (1 – 2 L/ha)

Other cereals:
From the offshoot phase until the beginning of booting

From the 5th pair of right leaves until the beginning of flowering

From the vegetation engagement in the flowering phase

Pomaceous trees:
Past blossoming until the fruit growth phase

Past blossoming until the grapes softening phase

Winter rape:
Beginning of the stretching out growth until the flowering phase

From the vegetation engagement until the growth culmination phase

Peach tree:
Before breaking of buds

Packaging: 10 L

Fertilizer registration decision no. 2465
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