In combination with what preparations does Unicum provide the highest effect?

The highest effect takes place when Unicum is being applied together with foliar fertilizers such as Kristalon, Fumag, CarbonBor, etc. Their common use allows to reduce the plant stress from chemical fertilizer applications, to improve the uptake of nutrients by the plant and to positively effect metabolic processes in the plant which leads to higher efficiency of nutrition use for crop yield and quality production.

At the same time Unicum’s fungicidal and immunity inducing properties will improve plant resistance to fungal, viral and bacterial diseases.

Is it possible to use Unicum preparation in tankmix combinations with fungicides, pesticides, insecticides, fertilizers?

Yes, it is possible. No preparations or fertilizers have been determined which couldn’t be used together with Unicum preparation*. However, it is better to check the products for miscibility before their common use. For that purpose small quantities of products are being diluted in water. If the products are fully diluted in water with no sediments witnessed, then their common use is possible.

* due to organic nature of Unicum preparation it shouldn’t be used in combination with preparations on the base of bacteria.
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