About Us

Who are we?

Ekoland Europe, located in Prague (Czech Republic), is a biotech company created with the aim of market implementation of the knowledge and science generated in last decades in the field of novel bio-active compounds research, and with the clear purpose of becoming a leading biotech company offering cost-effective, advantage-providing solutions for agricultural crop production, as well as for cosmetic and personal care product manufacturing industries.

What we do?

The main activity of the company is the development and production of know-how plant resistance inducers and growth stimulators marketed under own brand name UNICUM® and used to ensure persistently high productivity of agricultural crops cultivated under naturally non-optimal conditions of an open field production.

The competitive advantage of UNICUM® products to ensure the sustainability of high crop production is given by their ability to naturally unlock the dormant genetic potential of domesticated crops: the products outstand with the targeted boosting action on the expression activity of inactive genes of plant resistance (“deactivated” in the process of plant selective breeding). This leads to a natural reactivation of originally non-specific plant defenses against fungal, bacterial, viral diseases, extreme drought, frost, insect and chemical damage, etc. for the following period of up to 3 weeks after the product foliar application.

In 2010, in the framework of expanding its activities the company released a range of dermatologically valuable bioactive complexes intended for use as ingredients for cosmetic, personal and oral care products. The complexes outstand with excellent antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, regenerative, styptic and healing action on skin/ gums and are being recommended as ingredients primarily for curative and medicinal cosmetics/ personal care products.

Ekoland Europe s.r.o.
U Zvonarky 2536/1A
12000 Prague
Czech Republic
Tel.: +420 602456963, +420 602135894
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