Unicum® Pro Auxiliary fertilizer


Unicum® Pro is a liquid auxiliary fertilizer intended for activation of specific and nonspecific plant defenses in orchards, vineyards, field crops and vegetables. Product foliar applications increase plant resistance against fungal, bacterial, viral diseases and abiotic stress factors such as drought or flooding, spring frosts, sudden weather changes, chemically induced stress and more.

Unicum® Pro represents the selected complex of biologically active organic substances originating from highly resistant near-polar plants and excelling in its ability to sharply increase the expression activity of inactive/dormant genes of plant resistance (deactivated in the process of plant selective breeding) for the period 2 to 3 weeks. Such temporary reactivation of plant defenses and ongoing plant stress reduction essentially translates into advanced yield, quality and storability of harvested crops.

Available formulations: EC Fertilizer; Plant resistance improver

Packing volume: 1L bottle, 5L jerry can

Documents for dowload: BROCHURE
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