CARBONBOR® foliar and soil fertilizer


CARBONBOR® is a know-how foliar and soil fertilizer intended to eliminate both latent and evident lack of boron and at the same time to provide carbon nutrition. CARBONBOR® know-how advantage is that boron and carbon contained in the fertilizer are presented in a bounded form where carbon plays the role of a boron „carrier“ to the plant and allows it to be consumed in rapid and effective way.

CARBONBOR® is recommended to be applied into the soils poor with boron, though, during the vegetation period it should be applied on the leaf area. Boron increases sugar and oil content, improves plant resistance for drought and freeze. Carbon contained in the fertilizer is a biogenous element which plays an important role in the processes of photosynthesis.

One of the highly appreciated properties of CARBONBOR® fertilizer is its high pH level (7-9): not phytotoxic. This feature allows to seriously limit the propagation of fungal disease agents.

Application and use:
Preparation application quantity into the soil: 5-7 liters/ha
Preparation application quantity on leaves: 1-2,75 liters/ha
Recommended concentration is 0,1 – 1,0 % depending on physical state and sensibility of the plants.

CARBONBOR® 185 g/l B + 90 g/l C Sugar beet, potato, sunflower, grapevine, fruit trees

Packing: 1l, 5l, 10l, 20l
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